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Budget & Account in DGMS

Budgeting is the most effective and important means to control expenditure. Budget is the annual financial statement of accounts for the preceding or current year (or both) and the estimates of revenue and expenditure for the coming year. It is an instrument of parliamentary or legislative control over the financial activities of the government. It is an instrument of economic policy. It is also a tool of management for ensuring efficient economical andtimely execution of government programmes.

Structure of Budget & Accounts: The section is under control of a Senior Accounts Officer, who reports to one of the Dy.Director(HQ). A Drawing & Disbursing Officer (DDO) is responsible for all payment to be made by PAO and raises the bills after a bill is passed by Senior Accounts Officer. There are three sections namely Accounts-I, Accounts-II & Budget. There are three PAOs, one is at Delhi (CLC), one at Dhanbad (DGMS Campus) and other at Chennai. The Southern Zone & South Centrla Zone covered under PAO, Chennai, Northern Zone, Ghaziabad is covered by PAO (Delhi) and other zones and headquarters by PAO, Dhanbad.

The main role & function of budget & accounts section is given below:

  • Salary: Preparation of Salary bills with PBR, Schedules related to Salary Bills,Festival advances – payment and recovery etc.
  • Advances:HBA, Motor Car, Two wheeler vehicles, Cycles, Fans, Computer etc. – payment and recovery with interest/without interest – as the case may be, etc.
  • TTA/TA/LTC/HTC: Advances – payment, Adjustment & recovery with Interest/without interest as the case may be, etc.
  • GPF:Advance, withdrawal, final payment – payment and recovery, Interest calculation, Broad sheet maintenance etc.
  • Retirement Benefits: Generation of DCRG, Group Insurance, Leave Salary etc.
  • Expenditure:
    • Preparation of Budget Estimates, Revised Estimates, Final Estimates.
    • Monthly/Quarterly Expenditure statement.
    • Allocation of fund to different DDOs/PAOs.
    • Expenditure Control Mechanism.
    • Master Bill Register etc.
  • Medical:Medical Advance & Medical Bills
  • Contingent:Taxes deduction, Formats under various Rules etc.
  • Income Tax: Calculation of Income Tax, Generation of TDS, Online submission of returns etc.


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